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[ music ] >>> mexico 1985 a deadly quake. we take you to the scene of the devastation and show you the bay area dogs that helped find survivors. plus mexico city's early quake warning system. can it save lives? and how mexico's devastation helps to show us the most dangerous parts of the bay area in an earthquake. all straight ahead on "second look." i'm heather holmes and this is "second look." today marks an anniversary. it was on this day that a magnitude 8.1 quake hit mexico. while it was centered 31 miles off the pacific coast it wreaked horrific damage in mexico city 240 miles from the epicenter. the numbers from the earthquake are staggering. nearly 10,000 dead, 30 thousands injured and more than 100,000 left homeless. the damage was 3-4-billion. people felt the quake as far north as houston in the united states. and as far south as guatemala city. many of those killed or injured were caught in buildings that collapsed. five days after the 1985 quake, ktvu's lloyd lacuesta brought us this report from mexico city. >> reporter: they continue to find bodies and even survivors i
conversaremos con el consul de mexico en san jose... sobre las celebracines del grito... pero tambien sobre la violencia en mexico... eso sera mas adelanta....---ahora nos vamos a las nocticias... ---iniciamos esta tarde con lo ocupadas que han estado las agencias del orden publico en este fin de semana largo--- largo------y es que hasta el informe de esta tarde, los oficiales habian detenido en todo el estado a 1,360 personas por manejar bajo la influencia del alcohol--- ---221 de ellos en la bahia--- ---mas que el ano pasado durante el mismo periodo... ---por lo que se refiere a personas que han fallecido en accidentes, el numero tambien ha aumentado este aÑo------12 personas han muerto, una de ellas aqui en el area de la bahia--- ---se cumplio con el cuarto dia de busqueda en el relleno sanitario de pittsburg, tratando de encontrar sin fortuna el cuerpo de frederick - sales------desde hace una semana se dio por desaparecido, un dia antes de que fuera encontrado sin vida el cuerpo de su padre en la casa de efren valdemoro, quien murio en un enfrentamiemnto con la policia despues de una pers
celebrates its bicentennial and fights an all-out war against drug-trafficking. >> as mexico seeks to shut down the flow of drugs moving north, the united states needs to step up to the plate and shut down the flow of weapons and cache moving >> ifill: plus, jose luis sierra of new america media reports on how the drug war has affected the tourism and manufacturing industries in the mexican state of baja california. >> we want to get back to getting people to think about mexico as fun in the sun and margaritaville and those types of things and stop associating mexico with blood and violence. >> brown: global post's suzanna koster reports from pakistan on an islamic charity providing aid to flood victims in the absence of government help. >> ifill: and margaret warner speaks to veteran journalist earl caldwell about famed civil rights era photographer and newly revealed fbi informant ernest withers. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> feels like. >> from deep space. >> to a microbe. >> i can contribute to the world
, "bbc world news." >> anger in mexico as the secretary of state suggests drug cartels are carrying out an insurgency. president obama hits the campaign trail to sell his strategy of boosting the economy. who is to blame, bp and its contractors accused each other over the oil disaster. this american pastor says he still intends to plan copies of the koran despite worldwide condemnation. quote and welcome to -- quote -- >> welcome to "bbc world news." some mexican drug cartels are carrying out as in -- carrying out insurgencies. mexico insists institutions are strong enough to resist the cartels. mexican marines have arrested seven. >> in a remote farmhouse last month, an act of pure savagery. 72 people bound and shot. when the killers fled, they left and armory worthy of a small army. mexican troops attacked a stronghold of the gang responsible. four men were arrested. government forces have arrested three more. >> a navy patrol has arrested three people accused of organized crime. several people arrested are part of the operational structure of this gang. they carried out the murder of
, citizens of el salvador, nicaragua, and mexico. these flags will be outside your abode. this is a colorful and historical day. we are proud of our ethnic diversity. we're very proud of the history that we have with your country that goes back so many years and we are very happy that these will be in front of the city hall. this is the seat of government. my introduced the custodian of this building. you shone the dome well today. [laughter] and of the government. a mayor who is making history, gavin newsom. [applause] mayor newsom: thank you. thank each and every one of you for being here. it is an honor to have you here, and you have been here many times with the flag raising ceremonies. this is, in particular, very important and appropriate that we ask all of you to be here. we share so much in terms of the respective histories. i am reminded every time i go down the hallway, of this history. the mayors who are here before the city of san francisco. the city was founded over 200 years ago. that connection in mexico and the relationship with spain, all the challenges that are good and bad
's not enough. >>> mexico is celebrating its 200th year of independence. two centuries and there's good news. it has a $1.4 trillion economy. the 12th largest in the world. mexico is a vital business partner with the united states. to whom it trades 80% of its exports. mexico has a modern service based economy and it is expected to grow by 4% this year. but 18% of mexicans live in poverty as compared to 12% of americans. 5.5% of mexicans unemployed as compared to action party mad strengthening the economy a priority. another priority for him to end the drug war. president calderone blamed the united states' appetite for drugs, and route to dealers in the u.s. drug war violence on the ease of buying deadly weapons on the u.s. side of the border and moving them across the border. the president says 80% of the 20,000 weapons purchased annually by deadly gangs were purchased in any of the 6,700 gun shops along the u.s., mexico border. president obama has deployed 1,200 national guardsmen to secure or border and pledge $1.4 billion in assistance to the government. borders want more. they are call
, regalos ... ---y hablando de mexico ... siguen las acusaciones y reproches de la iglesia catolica ... ----ahora, el culpable es¡todo el pueblo! ---desde san jose, aqui comienza el noticiero de la tarde de telemundo 48 !!! ---en vivo, cubriendo toda el area de la bahia, noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis ... primero en la noticia !!! ---hola que tal, muy buenas tardes y bienvenidos al noticiero que cada vez mas latinos eligen para informarse.---- les saluda cesar bayona ... --- el pueblo de mexico es corrupto y asesino ... estas son declaraciones de la iglesia catolica mexicana, publicadas en un semanario digital.--- y los obispos se refieren a la brutal masacre de 72 inmigrantes en tamaulipas. ---¿es que la iglesia tiene razon, o se esta pasando con sus aseveraciones?---eso ... me lo dira usted mas adelante. --- ahora, a las noticias. ---hoy es 7 de septiembre: ultimo dia que tuvieron los salvadoreÑos para reinscribirse al tps.---- pilar niÑo estuvo con algunos de ellos en el consulado en san francisco.---- y nos cuenta como transcurrieron estas ultimas horas. =pilar niÑo=est
in the program -- mexico's battle against the drug barons gets an unwelcome comment from america. hillary clinton says it has become an insurgency. >> it is looking more and more like colombia looked 20 years ago. >> strike a pose. new york fashion week opens its catwalks to fuller size models. >> in turkey, a frantic last- minute campaigning ahead of this sunday's referendum on constitutional reform. what is at stake depends on who you ask. the ruling party says it is about making a break from the past and dominated by the military. the opposition says the proposal would give the government too much power. one thing is clear. it could have a profound affect on whether this muslim nation becomes a member of the eu. jonathan has been speaking exclusively to prime minister recep tayyip erdogan. >> it hardly matters that a few people in turkey understand the constitutional reforms they will be voting for or against on sunday. the campaigning for this referendum has been intense, fuelled by the rivalry that separates the country's secular and religious camps. prime minister recep tayyip erdogan argue
por balas militares.--- dos de los familiares, ya estaban muertos. ---nos cuenta desde mexico, raul torres. (llantos). >> patricia castellanos perdió a su esposa y su hijo en todo momento, viajaba en su auto en nuevo lo nuevo laredo pero cuando pasaron un convoy militar recibieron una lluvia de bala. >periodista: alejandro león tenía 15 años recibió un balazo en la cabeza su padre vicente león murió horas después en el hospital tenía una bala en la espalda. los militares se dieron cuenta que era una familia y lo único que les dijeron fue "ustedes disculpen". >> creen que ustedes disculpen van a revivir a mi papá mi hermanito de 15 años. >periodista: el ejército mexicano y el gobierno del presidente calderón aceptaron que se equivocaron que no viajabdes mixtas que lo instruyen. >periodista: sin embargo, la familia dice que su único error fue repasar ni un soldado lesre sicarios del narcotráfico. >> pero esto no puede volver a suceder y el protocolo prevé que se tiene que tener de privilegio la seguridad de los militar. ---fue un reportaje de raul torres, del noticier
centro hisÓrico de la ciudad de mexico.---a lo largo de la calle reforma se han instalado 45 pantallas gigantes para que el Úblico pueda ver los festejos en el Ócalo.---en el palacio presidencial, la primera dama de Éxico, "margarita zavala", recibÓ a pÍncipes, jefes de estado y otros dignatarios que llegaron a la capital para los festejos. ---"mario gonÁlez" tiene mas informacion. -en elÁrea de la baÍa hoy comenzaron los festejos oficiales del bicentenario.-- en la alcaldia de san joÉ, este martes se izo de la bandera mexicana.-- el alcalde chuck reed y el Ónsul general en aquella ciudad, david figueroa, asistieron al evento, donde reconocieron los fuertes lazos que unen a san jose y mexico. "la independencia de méxico de 1810 no fue sólo para méxico sino para san josé también que le pertenecía a méxico. es una ciudad con raices historicas y vinculada a méxico."--en san joÉ el grito de independencia sera este miercoles a las 5:30 de la tarde en el estadio pal, localizado en la calle king y la autopista 680.-- habÁ Úsica, juegos piroÉcnicos, y entrega de reconoci
with that. mexico has the problem now with carl. it made landfall in the yucatan peninsula with the tropical system merging over warm waters. this one has a distinct eye and taking all of the energy in the tropics with winds now 120 miles per hour, 70 miles away from vera cruz in mexico. this one will make a near direct hit on that region and maybe work towards mexico see. 120 mile-per-hour winds to the west at 8 mile-per-hours. why talk about this? because there will be a 12 to 15 foot storm surge in addition to high waves on top of that, in addition to 15 inches of rainfall, in addition to the fact that this thing may reach with 140 mile-per-hour winds tonight as a category 4 system. then it goes towards mexico the high mountains around mexico city. this could spell out some dangerous deadly flooding and mud slides. there are over 15 million people that live near mexico city itself. so there is a possibility that there could be major problems there. that would be a headline this weekend. locally at 66 degrees. we have ourselves carved out a little bit of clearing with clouds in the north
tonight. >>> now to a war going on right next door to this country in mexico where the government is in a fierce fight with the drug cartels which also have operations in at least what's estimated to be 270 american cities and where they're bringing in up to $39 billion a year from the drug trade in the u.s. we'll be focusing on this dangerous and violent war next door in mexico in an ongoing series of special reports. tonight, nbc's mark potter on the extent of the narco-insurgency. >> reporter: with terror in the streets just south of the u.s. border, the mexican government is struggling to keep a lid on the rapidly escalating violence that has now claimed 28,000 lives in a nearly four-year drug war, pitting cartel against cartel and against the government. the savagery is hard to imagine, with mass killings, beheadings and corpses strewn in public as traffickers lash out against rivals and the authorities. tony paillon of the university of texas at el paso is an expert on mexican drug cartels. >> you could say they're a kind of insurgency. they're beginning to learn and to use
and divided country, he has a tough election battle ahead. >> mexico is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its independence from spain. parties are being staged across the country. while most of the nation celebrates, some towns have cut back or canceled festivities because of fears of violence from drug cartels. >> with this, the official celebration of the bicentennial anniversary ticks off. the major parade is a long mexico city's maine avenue, which will culminate in the main square. the president will recite the independence bid shocked that hidalgo first did 2000 -- 200 years ago. the party is the largest ever celebration of independence in mexico history. it happens amid tight security measures during a violent battle against organized crime. in the past, celebrations have been targeted by alleged drug cartels. two years ago, a grenade attack during the independence party killed eight people and injured a dozen others. in ciudad juarez, where thousands have died in drug- related violence, there will be no public event and the mayor will hold the ceremony inside town hall. in spit
de mexico. ---alli estuvo presente noticiero telemundo 48, y dialogo con el consul felix ... ---- esto es lo que nos decia.... " y estar aqui en un museo tan importante, el mas importante quizas en san francisco, pues representa precisamente el interes que tiene tambien la comunidad cultural de san francisco de unirse a esta celebracion y reconocer el talento mexicano. " ---- en el evento, se expusieron obras de arte mexicanas, y tambien hubo un desfile de modas.---se exhibieron tambien motivos de la revolucion y de la independencia ...---un muy bonito marco para estos festejos !!!! !!!! ---y se ---y se presento, vivito, coleando y mas renovado que nunca (especialmente en la cara) el sol de mexico en las vegas con un mega - espectaculo !---jessica carrillo nos va a contar ... la gira dio inicio el 13 de septiembre en fresno, de aÍ en un avÓn salio derechito a las vegas para ofrecer un gran concierto ... y eso no es todo, luismi ahora Í tiene ganas de trabajar, y prueba de ello es la agenda de 70 ciudades de estados unidos e iberoaÉrica para ofrecer acuerd
nubes veremos el compacto completo en unos minutos en mexico, infantes de marina detuvieron hoy a sergio en mexico, infantes de marina detuvieron hoy a sergio villarreal barraÁn, alias en mexico infante de marina arrestaron a un capo de la mafia. >> el vocero de gobierno fue capturado el grande con dos personas mas. >> de acuerdo un analisis las cesarias son mas caras en hospitales lucrativos. >> la mayoria de las cesaria no son porque se necesiten sino porque sería mas comodo para elllos. >> un grupo de aventureros nadaron por las aguas calidas de la bahia para dar apoyo de los mineros que estan bajo tierra . >> el organizador dijo que tiene mucha creatividad por los mineros. >> espero que sepan que estamos con ellos y con mis amigos. >> el dinero que se recaudo sera enviado a las familias y si usted quiere participar de esta noble causa ingrese a la pagina de internet. >> fresco en la hora de la mañana. >> durante mañana el dia lunes mayormente soleado con temperatura alta: 65°f baja: 54f . >> en cambio lejos de nosotros . >> tendremos dos dia de nubes. >> vamos a continuar co
to the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico, the damaged well that spilled millions of gallons of oil into the gulf could soon be plugged forever. the government says the relief well's has interjected. crews will pump mud and cement into the down as well as the work could be finished by sunday. >> coming up, >> i was not going to die on that floor. >> out prisoners inside their work place are now speaking out about the terror at the discovery building. drive to stay alive, a way to help shut off your phone on the road. we are tracking hurricane carla which is getting stronger and headed to mexico. >>> two of the discovery channel hostages are recounting their stories. they were on good"morning america." they said that the gun and asked him about his family. he was an environmentalist and opposed population growth. >> he asked me if i had kids and i said i have two. he told me," who told you to have kids?" >> a third hostage and the other two decided to make a run for it and get away from james late. swat team opened fire after they ran. >>> obama white house is fighting to keep a turk
a una pausa.... y regresamos con el consul general de mexico en san jose... ---y el tema de discusÓn esta noche... el bicentenario y la celebracion...---mas adelante, abriremos nuestras lineas telefonicas para que pueda usted opinar ... en vivo, y sin restricciones. ---el numero gratis es el 1- 866-229-4848.... o escribale directo al consul ....a consul sj . en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, tu voz en la comunidad= ---esta noche tenemos a el consul general de mexico en san jose, david figueroa ortega.---buenas noches consul. ---nuestro publico podra consultarlo para cualquier inquietud que tenga que ver con el consulado y los servicios que ofrece y ademas, escribirle directamente a consul sj@ antes, consul....platiquenos de los festejos del bicentenario aqui en nuestra ciudad.---maÑana ademas, habra una proclamacion importante del condado de santa clara. ---una encuesta encontro algunos puntos interesantes sobre el trato de la policia de san jose a las minorias... daniel rodriguez reflexiona esta noche, en algo mas... eople acting in community togeth
bayona ... ---y estamos en la vispera de la independencia de mexico, por eso, la de esta tarde es una edicion especial...--- mis compaÑeros blanca y daniel estan en el estadio pal de san jose, trayendoles a ustedes la fiesta del grito ...---con ellos vamos a conectarnos enseguida.----mientras, a las n. noticias. ---por primera vez desde el desastre del jueves pasado, los dueÑos de las casas que estaban en el lugar de la explosion, en san bruno, pudieron regresar para ver que es lo que queÓ.... y recuperar lo poco que se salÓ.---despues de la de hoy, podran hacer otra visita ... antes que se limpie el area completamente. --- y despues de llegar de una mision comercial en asia, el gobernador de california arnold schwarzenegger se dirigio a la zona de la tragica explosion ....pilar niÑo, desde alli, nos cuenta que paso ... pilar adelante ! =pilar niÑo= ---gracias pilar.-- ella nos lo decia pero se lo repito: ---cobraron por un trabajo que no realizaron... asi lo asegura una agencia que supervisa a las empresas que prestan servicios publicos, como pg&e...---segun esto... pg&e retras
...---y en mexico las celebraciones del bicentenario se realizaron por todo lo alto...---esto sera mas adelante...---vamos de lleno con las noticias... noticias... ---esta semana se realizan conmemoraciones y servicios religiosos para las victimas de la explosion en san bruno, de la cual se cumple maÑana una semana....---- vigilia y misa habra maÑana y el viernes en la iglesia santa cecilia de san francisco, para rogar por el descanso de janisa greig, de 13 aÑos, y su mama jacqueline ....----janisa fue a la escuela alli en santa cecilia.---- la vigilia es maÑana en la noche, y la misa el viernes. --- y despues de llegar de una mision comercial en asia, el gobernador de california arnold schwarzenegger se dirigio a la zona de la tragica explosion ....---pilar niÑo, desde alli, nos cuenta que paso ... pilar adelante ! =pilar niÑo= ---gracias pilar.-- ella nos lo dijo pero se lo repito: ---cobraron por un trabajo que no realizaron... asi lo asegura una agencia que supervisa a las empresas que prestan servicios publicos, como pg&e...---segun esto... pg&e retraso los trabajos de repar
green eyes and fair skin. the moniker stuck. but now at 37 years old, he stands accused as one of mexico's top drug traffickers. the alleged king pin was arrested yesterday outside mexico city without incident. >> this arrest is the result of intelligence work in actions carried out by the federal police. throughout this investigation we exchanged information with various united states agencies as well as the national defense and navy secretary and the attorney general's office. >> woodruff: the arrest was a rare success for mexico's president felipe calderon. his government has waged a war against drug cartels since 2006 and nearly 30,000 people have been killed. valdez had been locked in a vicious war of succession within the belltron-lava cartel. one of them died in a hail of gunfire last december as mexican authorities closed in on him. u.s. authorities had put a $2 million bounty on valdez. there was no word on whether he would be extradited. for more on the arrest, we're joined by national public radio's jason beaubien in mexico city. jason, thank you for talking with us. first of
the results of its own investigation of the explosion of the gulf of mexico rig that killed 11 workers and led to america's worst ever oil spill. one thing is clear -- it will not be the last word on the matter. >> originally some feared bp's reporting might exonerate the company entirely. in fact, the report admits some blame does attached to bp. it will give the inquiry reasonable credibility on both sides of the atlantic. one area of focus is the communication between the company and its contractors, particularly trans ocean, operator of the rig. >> this is a case between the operator and the drilling company at all the other contractors. those interfaces have to be handled more effectively. it is often in those interfaces were problems occur. >> the report was designed to answer, among other things, what led to the failure of the steel casing lighting the well. it allowed gas and oil to leak. why test failed to identify the leak and the fact that oil and gas or wood -- moving up. and why the blowout to prevent the, the stack of valves on the seabed designed to stop oil and gas, failed. las
. esto causa mas muertes en los dos lados. en mexico el caso triste del lado de los 70 migrantes que encontraron muertos--- muertos------tenemos amigos y familiares que han sido deportados. hace cinco anos, cuando yo tenia 15 anos, tuve que hacerla de mama, papa, de hermana para mi hermano menor. ha sido muy dificil para mi--- mi--- ---los miembros de la coalicion por la reforma migratoria del area de la bahia, dijeron que continuaran presentandose en la oficina de nancy pelosi, hasta tener una reunion y una respuesta sobre el debate en el congreso--- ----y en san francisco, el alguacil del condado pidio nuevamente al procurador general jerry brown que la ciudad "se salga del programa comunidades seguras".---- este es el plan por el cual la policia comparte huellas digitales de detenidos con el i.c.e ....---pero brown quien tambien es candidato a la gobernacion dijo que no lo hara. --- a proposito, el proximo 12 de octubre debatiran los candidatos brown y meg whitman por television e internet.---- sera en la universidad de los dominicos, en san rafael.--- y lo transmitira nuestra est
. >> el tiempo en colombia un mexico agobiado por la violencia. >> la nación en costarrica, menciona la violencia en mñxico entre su celebracion >> y nosotros quñ seguridad podemos tener en cuanto al dinerito que enviamos a nuestros países, vamos con sammy con la información. >> gracias y feliz día de independencia agentina 4 pesos. sube peru 2 soles 79 centavos. costarrica dolar 500 colones guatemala 18 lempiras mexico 3 centavos menos que ayer. si va a mandar dinero esta a 12 pesos. soy samuel rodriguez. >> gracias sammy con prácticamente 15 minutos es tiempo de presentar una futura estrella, ella quiere realizar su sueño de convertirse en una gran cantante, y creemos que así será, nos acompaña gabriela sepulveda. >> gaby como estas >> muy bien, feliz por haberme invitado >> comentábamos que nos sentimos muy orgullosos de ti. >> en quñ años vas. >> en sexto, tengo muchas amigas. >> y tu clases favorita.>> ciencias. >> tú has estado en el museo de tecnologia,en san jose. tú cantas desde los dos años. >> sí. >> alguien te ha enseñado a cantar. >> yo soy natural, nací
part of our coverage of a recent policy conference at new mexico state university. speakers included texas senator kay bailey hutchinson talking about border security. this event is hosted by a co- chairman of the debt reduction task force. this is about 40 minutes. >> thank you very much. [applause] thank you, dr. barbara. i am so pleased to be here, and i think you are doing a great job as the president of this wonderful university. i have to say, when i came on this campus i saw the marin colors -- maroon colors, and i saw these great agricultural traditions that i am very used to, and i thought, did we take a wrong turn? [laughter] i will say the spirit you do not get to play the university of texas -- i will say this. you do not get to play the university of texas. i want to say a word about why i am here. i love the opportunity to travel to universities, but i am here because pete domenici is an icon. [applause] no one fought harder or made sure that new mexico was in the game and taking care of them pete domenici. he was more than that. he was the person everyone looked to whe
---y una pregunta para usted: ¿mexico, realmente se esta pareciendo a colombia en los aÑos noventa?---desde san jose, aqui comienza el noticiero de la tarde de telemundo 48 !!! ---en vivo, cubriendo toda el area de la bahia, noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis ... primero en la noticia !!! ---hola que tal, muy buenas tardes y bienvenidos al noticiero que cada vez mas latinos eligen para informarse en la bahia.---- les saluda cesar bayona ... --- esa que usted escucho sera la pregunta de la tarde.---- hillary clinton dijo que mexico se esta pareciendo a colombia en los "aÑos de plomo"... y creo polemica ...---usted ¿cree que es asi? ... ---vamos a hablar de esto mas adelante, porque ahora, nos vamos a las noticias. ---un segundo cadaver ha sido encontrado en la casa de la ciudad de hercules donde el 28 de agosto fue descubierto el cuerpo sin vida de ricardo sales de 73 aÑos... aÑos...---la policia aun no determinan la identidad del como es que antes no se detecto...---hay que recordar que el hijo de la victima frederick sales se encuentra desaparecido...---el sospecho
on water availability in states like nevada, arizona, california, and in new mexico. water is a light source for every american community. traditionally, communities such as los angeles that lack water have redirected water to another source -- from another source. this is not a sustainable plan for communities such as reno, nevada, or las vegas will have already been hit hard by this recession. and surrounding areas will face this issue at the present growth rates. should the banking industry be allowed to invest in community development, the lack of basic water requirements and instead focus on a positive growth in areas with sufficient resources? is this the area that will be bailed out again that you refer to? >> that is a fairly complicated question. give me about two weeks to study it and i will answer it. that is a little bit out of my bailiwick. the simple answer is, for me, i do not know. i would tell you that it reflects the laws that were written. it reflects the markets that were established around those laws. so i know right now that is a huge debate. there is pro and con
of mexico. it says others must bear responsibility. and anti-islamist groups in nigeria freeze at 700 prisoners. the death of democracy. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- despite worldwide outrage, the american church planning to burn the koran is not backing down. and how the way and mandan says reveals more than meets the eye. -- and how the way a man dances reveals more than meets the eye. hello to you. bp has given its own account of what caused it april's catastrophic oil spill in the gulf of mexico. eleven workers died when the deepwater horizon oil rig exploded. bp faces hundreds of lawsuits and compensation claims. its report today says no single factor caused the disaster. it accepts that some responsibility, but it points the finger of blame to several other companies. it speaks of a complex series of mechanical failures, as well as human errors and fault in engineering design. our business editor reports now. >> april 20 of this year. the worst oil spill in ameri
desde monterrey vs. cbia produc fernando vega el ingeniero pablo gonzález ymexico colomús y graca mexicoespera colomme haberle se seombia merece. >> gracias y cuídese por favor. >> el juego bicentenario estás bia la cerveza que rco vs. colombiac por la toyota sooen, toyotabia avanza confiado vs. cbia por usted que está en buenosxico volombi manos. >>mexico vs. colombiamexico vs. mexico vs. colombih@mexico vs. acontinuacion saludos y bienvenidos a la emision de noticias de las 11-de la noche.. que tal, bs es.. el departamentode vehiculos mot virginia no aceptara mas el documento federal de autorizacion de empleo emitido a los inmigrantes como prueba de residencia legal para obtener licencias de conducir en una medida energica contra la inmigracion ilegal, el gobernador bob mcdonell ordeno al dmv no considerar mas como evidencia ese documento... la medida surge despues que un boliviano de 23-anos con convicion por manejar embriagado en el 2007 y el 2008, se viera involucrado en un accidente en el muriera una religiosa en el condado de prince williams las autodes senalan qu
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